Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Sew a Prefold Into a Fitted Diaper

Is there a fat lady singing someplace? Because I am FINALLY posting a legit blog post with a tutorial and review! It took a lot longer then expected but what should I expect with a new camera and software?

With a few stops and starts--I wish I had this tutorial when I was making it. :) I think this fitted turned out pretty darn functional and SUPER trim. The directions were pretty clear accept when it came to sewing on the tabs--or maybe it was just to late at night to be reading directions on my end. It took me a good twenty minutes to figure it out for some reason.

Watch the Video

Ella, my fabulous model, is 13 months and 19 lbs.


Next time I think I will try and make this with a toddler size prefold. If you adjust the template to make it wider you may not have to add anything to the tabs--you would just have to round them. I think I would make the space between the legs a little wider as well so that you have more room to put the elastic in. I am also wondering if it would be possible to turn this into a fitted pocket if you trim off the top then re-serge a pocket opening into it?

This would also be a perfect pattern to add some cute fabric to the outside. I'm thinking I have some t-shirts that would fit the bill perfectly.

It feels really good to be back in action. What tutorials do you guys want to see this week? Post in the comments below!


  1. Ugh--of course my computer corrupted a couple of the video segments. I'm fixing it now and will re-upload it in a minute.

  2. can you tell me where you got the pattern from? i've tried to make fitted diapers to no avail. i just can't get the elastic to work right, not stretchy enough. but i think after watching your tutorial on that, that my elastic was too thin.. so i'll try again w/wider elastic... or lastin if i can find some!
    anyway, back to my point, i had the same problem w/not having enough room for the elastic... so i'd love to know what pattern you based this tutorial off of.

  3. If you click the title of the post it is linked to the pattern/picture tutorial that I followed. I ended up having some issues with there not being enough space to sew in the elastic as well and think I might narrow the template a little or you can actually rip the seams out of the middle to make enough space if you need to. I don't use anything but 3/8 elastic or 3/8 lastin. Good luck!

  4. thank you! and i hope that your husband gets better soon!