Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Rita's Rump Fitted Pocket Pattern

So I am pretty impressed. It's the first one people recommend when you are getting started and now I see why! I don't know how I missed it!

This was a great pattern to work with. Easy instructions, easy pattern to put together, and easy materials to find. Can I say easy one more time? All you need is 2 22 x 20 inch flannel cuts, some 3/8 inch polybraid elastic or lastin and some polyester thread. It took me about 25 minutes to print, cut, construct, and trim.

Some things I might change:

+ I would probably recommend using a different inner material versus the flannel for wicking purposes, something like bamboo velour, cotton velour, or microfleece would be perfect.

+ The back does not have elastic--with my super pooper this is a necessity--simply make an elastic casing with the inner fabric when you fold it over to make the pocket opening and you've got it done.

+ I had some issues with wing droop as well--so maybe extend the elastic up the arms 2 inches or so to solve it.

Here are some pics of Ella wearing it stuffed with 2 microfiber towels. She is 3 months old and probably about 13 lbs or so.

This is a versatile pattern that you could easily sew a soaker into to make a nice pocket all-in-one hybrid or use PUL on the outside to make it waterproof or do both. This is definitely a pattern every cloth diaper maker should keep in their arsenal.

Checkout my video tutorial and review on youtube!

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  1. I watched both of your videos and loved them. Thanks for posting!! One quick question...did you use flannel for the outside? I've been wanting to try this pattern, but I didn't think that you could use a snappi with flannel and I'm scared of pins!