Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bummed about the Bum Sweater Longies Pattern

Easy pattern to follow--but with not so bumalicious results.

The longies were just not functional in the end--and they look kind of funky when they aren't on a baby. So no resale value here.

First of all I am terrible with getting the right measurements. I am a measure 4 or 5 times then cut my fabric person. I was especially careful when I measured for these longies since my sweater was so small--only use size medium and larger in the future. So I really doubt it was human error--especially when I made another pair using the same measurements and a different pattern, to be reviewed in the future, and they fit perfectly. Ella's little tush was almost completely hanging out of these.

I also don't like having the seams at the top of the legs. It looks like the legs were an after thought sewn onto a soaker pattern.

Things I would recommend trying would be:

+ To add a one or two inch waist band with elastic encased. So you make sure the waist fits snuggly enough.


I have seen and tried better patterns with much better results in the end. I won't be making another pair in the future using this pattern.

Watch my video tutorial and review!

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  1. Hi Beth!
    I am looking for a good pattern to use for my first attempt at wool longies! Can you send me a link to the pattern you had success with?
    Thank you so much!